about our office

onsilium post facta imber post tempora frugum.

”Advice after deeds, rain after the harvert”

Roman proverb

The "Dr Feher Endre Law Office" was founded in 1999 by Endre Feher LLD. As the practice encountered significant growth due to the increasing number of clients we needed to expand. As a result the practice was relocated where adequate office space was available. Thus our recent location is at Becsi utca 5 in the downtown core Budapest. The early twentieth century architecture, of this imposing building combined with the most modern interior design of our offices offer a very appealing contrast. Our offices are equipped for efficiency but at the same time offer an inviting atmosphere to our business associates.




Our staff

Endre Feher LLD


Zsombor Gardos LLD

Lawyer, partner

Our external experts

Ms. Viki Molnar

Financial and Investment Advisor

Sándor Sátori

Professor at University

Ms. Suzannah Somlai, CPA

Auditor and Tax Expert

The office profile


The Dr. Feher & Partner Law Office, with few exceptions, handles mostly civil suites. Our office is retained primarily to handle legal issues related to establishing new business entities, acquisitions and sales of real estate and drafts of all types of business contracts.

The staff in our office is fluent in English, Italian, German and Serbo-Croatian.
If needed, the consultations can be conducted in any of the above languages and all relevant documents can be drafted in these languages as well.

Compensation for our legal services is based on retainer fees and/or contingent fee arrangement. We have among our clients many private individuals, associations of privately owned condominiums, various foundations and multinational companies.

Our contacts

Our office is located in downtown Budapest at 5 Becsi St., Floor IV, Suit #1, right behind Hotel Corvinus Kempinski.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Consultations are held only by appointment. We may be contacted in Hungarian, English and/or German.

For our clients' convenience there are two parking facilities available at a walking distance, a parkade on Szervita Square and an underground parking at Hotel Corvinus Kampinski.

Dr Feher & Partner Law Office

H-1052 Budapest, Bécsi u. 5., IV. em. 1.